Vw Audi Servicing in Leatherhead.

We can collect and deliver most vehicles depending on distance. We are a one stop garage and can deal with tyres, air conditioning, diagnostics, servicing, repairs , exhausts, pre Mot's, all  maintenance work from an engine change to a side light. Whatever you need, you’ll get the same friendly helpful service.

Audi & Vw servicing surreyIn 2003, a new European legislation changed the way you can have your car serviced and repaired. You now have the freedom to use the garage of your choice to have your car serviced and still maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, so long as manufacturer’s genuine parts are used.

Regulations are now in place to maintain quality and standards, while giving you the option to save money on your vehicle maintenance. All our services are done in a friendly, professional and honest manner.  We value our clients and go the extra mile to ensure that they are totally satisfied. Our reputation has been built on customer recommendation so you can rest assured the service you receive will always be of the highest standard to ensure that our trusted reputation is maintained.

Our Service checks include: All lighting equipment, Wheels and Tyres, General Parts such as Mirrors, Wind Screen Wiper Blades, Exhausts, Brake condition, Steering and suspension, Cooling systems etc., etc.

An Interim service at Audi Vw Specialist Ltd includes: all service checks plus replacement of oil and oil filter. A Full service at Audi Vw Specialists Ltd includes all service checks plus oil and filters, air and fuel filters and spark plugs.(petrol engines)

Car air conditioning should be checked and maintained every two years. Vehicle owners are advised to avoid simply topping up the gas as this can risk overfilling the unit, which can cause unnecessary and expensive repairs. A poor performing system will have to work harder causing a dramatic loss of engine power and far higher fuel consumption. If you would like us to check your air conditioning system for pressures and temperature we are happy to do so.